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To get mcpp

the Source code, Validation Suite and the Documents

You can get mcpp's source code from below. These archives include also Validation Suite and all the documents (both in English and in Japanese). The *.tar.gz and *.zip files are of the same contents, only differing in <newline> code and encoding of a Japanese document INSTALL-jp.

You can compile from the source all of the compiler-specific-builds for each compiler system, the compiler-independent-build, and the subroutine-build. After unarchiving the archive, please read INSTALL.

Binary Packages

The binary packages of mcpp for some systems are provided here. Download one of these, if you want to try mcpp immediately without compiling.
All of these binary packages are, however, of the compiler-independent-build, not a compiler-specific-build to replace some resident preprocessor. They do not include more than half of the documents. The Validation Suite is not included. The binaries in this site are for x86 only, except dmg which is a "universal binary" for x86 and ppc.

There are binary packages as below.

binary package additional file
to make package
FreeBSDport mcpp-2.7.2.port.tbz Makefile pkg-descr
Linuxrpm mcpp-2.7.2-1.i386.rpm mcpp.spec
Linuxdeb mcpp_2.7.2_i386.deb mcpp_2.7.2.diff.gz
Mac OS Xdmg of MacPorts mcpp-2.7.2.dmg Portfile
Windowszip mcpp-2.7.2-bin.zip

[Binary packages of each distribution] FreeBSD, Fedora/Linux, Debian/Linux, Ubuntu/Linux and OpenSUSE/Linux distributions provide mcpp binary packages for some CPUs as well as x86. Though they are the older versions, they will be gradually updated to V.2.7.2.

Note that, V.2.7.1 and onward, Fedora's rpm and Debian's deb (also Ubuntu's deb) packages are different from the rpm and deb on SourceForge. While each of rpm and deb on SourceForge is single package, each package of Fedora and Debian (Ubuntu) is divided into 4 sub-packages according to the packaging guideline of each system. On Fedora: mcpp, libmcpp, libmcpp-devel and mcpp-doc. On Debian (Ubuntu): mcpp, libmcpp0, libmcpp-dev and mcpp-doc. On either system, mcpp package depends on libmcpp (libmcpp0) package. So, if you install mcpp, libmcpp (libmcpp0) will be installed at the same time.

In addition, some distributions provide configuration files to build packages, though they do not provide binary packages.

The Latest Release

mcpp V.2.7.2 was released on November 30th, 2008.
Here is the ReleaseNote:

Updated the informations on the distributions' packages: January 7th, 2009.
Fixed the wrong links, sorry: March 11th, 2009.

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