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mcpp -- a portable C preprocessor

What is a C preprocessor?

In compilation of C/C++ source program, preprocessing takes place before compilation in narrower sence. Preprocessing processes #include, #if, #define and some other directives, and expands macros.

Every C/C++ compiler system has a preprocessor. In recent years many compilers absorbed preprocessor into themselves, nevertheless, they always do preprocessing internally.

C preprocessor has existed ever since the beginning of C language. Most of the preprocessors have been, however, rather bonuses attached to the compilers. Against that background, they have many problems such as insufficient conformance and too many implementation-specific behaviors. Though the main purpose of preprocessing phase in C/C++ language is to provide portability, preprocessing itself sometimes impaires portability.

What is mcpp?

mcpp is a C/C++ preprocessor with the following features.

It is probably number one C/C++ preprocessor now available in the world.

Please read the following document to get outlines of mcpp:

"Exploratory Software Project"

mcpp project was selected as one of the year 2002 "Exploratory Software Projects" at Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA), and selected again for the year 2003 projects. For the achievements of the project, the author was evaluated as one of the highest class programmers. "Exploratory Software Projects" is located at (written in Japanese only) :

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The latest release of mcpp is V.2.7.2 (November, 2008).

mcpp project in SourceForge

mcpp has been located in SourceForge since April, 2006.

Here is the entrance of mcpp project: Summary Page

Please post the bug-reports, comments and questions to: Open Discussion Forum

I am waiting for many C programmer's comments, feedbacks and participations in mcpp development.

This page was last updated on November 30th, 2008.

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